• Funding for Movie/TV/Entertainment

  • Monetization Strategies/Production/Development

  • Representing institutional/angel investors, producers, studios

  • Representing the highest-revenue producers, directors, actors


We match investors with the most CONFIDENTIAL movie & TV projects never available to the public. We are typically the main and EXCLUSIVE funding partner for some of the largest movie studios, and highest revenue yielding producers, directors, and actors of all time. 


We present A-LIST movie/TV projects that meet our qualifications to venture capital, hedge funds, & our private investor network. We have the biggest movie franchises, A-LIST cast/crew, & the highest revenue producing projects in the industry. 


For qualifiable projects seeking funding:

We partner with Wall Street's top hedge funds, investment banking firms, venture capital firms, & ultra-affluent investors. Our methodology requires pre-development of proven producers/cast/crew attachments, presales, high-value I.P., & maximum risk averse strategies.

In select cases our organization can help develop & build required valuation strategies. Project funding is the most important, yet most difficult component in the entire process. 

If your project qualifies, we'd love to pursue a discovery call.


For INVESTORS looking for the top CONFIDENTIAL projects in Hollywood:

We have EXCLUSIVE contracts with the largest movie studios, production companies, producers, directors, & licensing divisions in the industry. Our private development slate consists of the industry's highest grossing producers, directors, writers, & top-grossing A-list actors that break all records. Our proven formulas, MG's, tax credits, crytpo/NFT licensing, video game licensing, product placement, merchandising, partnerships, multi-city movie premiere monetization, line extensions, & revenue monetization strategies give you the lowest possible risk, with the strongest ROI potentials over immediate and lifelong performance. We utilize proprietary asymmetric return tactics that are continuously proven to produce the most risk averse outputs in the entire industry. 

If you are an accredited and qualified investor, we can share our highly-confidential slate of A-LIST projects. For highly screened investors, we can provide scripts, storyboards, financial projections, concepts, strategies, shooting schedules, and more.


Our team and partners have created more revenue than anyone else in the industry; break box-office and VOD records; & consistently win more Academy Awards, Emmy's, Golden Globes, than any other network.


We share the same passion for making movies/TV & entertainment as you do. Let's make history together.


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